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  • Log of my dog’s seizures

    Log of my dog’s seizures

    Puglee my pug, has been having seizures for the last 5-6 yrs. I started recording the frequency of the seizures for the last 4 years. I’m sure there is a pattern but I’m not able to predict when her next seizure will be. Only thing consistent is it’s almost once a month (this is only…

  • Reading list for 2023

    Reading list for 2023

    Haven’t been reading much of late but here’s a list of books I am reading and plan to read this year. That should be good for a year. Will write a short review after reading a book.

  • Creating a like button with count

    Creating a like button with count

    It’s always easy to find a plugin or a template that serves the purpose and use it instead of creating things from scratch. But I had the time and wanted to learn how to do it. Thought I’d put it here incase anyone wanted to create something similar. I wanted to add some digital &…

  • Reading List 2020–21

    Reading List 2020–21

    I’m a slooow reader. But here are a list of books I have been reading over the past six months. I always wanted to be one of those who read a book a week, but sadly that is not my calling. It’s a mix of fiction and non-fiction, depressing and happy, children’s and adult books.…

  • Chasing the Monsoon

    Chasing the Monsoon

    This year was really a mixed bag of emotions when it came to running. More injuries than the previous year, lot of self doubt, lows and highs that resembled the Malnad elevation profile!

  • The Wearables

    The Wearables

    A morning like any other, my wife and I set out on our daily run. Standing at the apartment gate doing a couple of stretches, from across the street we hear a strained “Sar! Sar!”