Log of my dog’s seizures


Puglee my pug, has been having seizures for the last 5-6 yrs. I started recording the frequency of the seizures for the last 4 years. I’m sure there is a pattern but I’m not able to predict when her next seizure will be. Only thing consistent is it’s almost once a month (this is only when we’ve noticed her having one, there may have been times when she’s been on her own and had one).

Age: adopted 10 years ago. So probably 11 or 11.5 yrs

Medication: She’s on 30mg /day (1/2+1/2) of Gardinal + 375mg Levipill a day, recently upped from 180mg.

Diet: Home cooked chicken (chicken breast + gizzard + liver) with pumpkin. All ground to a paste. Fed twice a day 7 am and 5 pm with a snack at 12 pm and 9 pm.

Hopefully someone will find this useful.

YearDate TimeDays to Full moonDays to New moonComments
202025 March00:0014 days
18 April00:0019 days
8 May05:15-1 day
15 June04:5020 days
7 July04:00-2 days
23 Aug03:509 daysOuting with P
29 Oct05:353 days
12 Dec00:3018 daysSolar Eclipse on Dec 14
12 Dec16:55Lasted 3 mins
12 Feb05:0515 days
3 Mar02:00-3 daysFeb 28 full moon
31 Mar01:15-2 days
13 Apr03:3514 days0 days
10 May00:3016 days2 days
31 May03:45-4 days10 days
16 Jun03:409 days24 days
28 Jul15:00-4 days10 daysTremors were aggressive
18 Aug01:154 days20 days
10 Sep04:0011 days26 days
8 Oct~16:00 – 18:0011 days26 daysNot at home but evidence of attack
21 Oct01:350 days
10 Nov04:005 days
10 Dec17:158 days23 days2 episodes in succession
27 Feb 06:1018 days2 days
8 Mar15:5010 days24 daysOn Antibiotics
21 Mar03:45-2 days11 daysAuroville (2 days past full moon)
7 Apr04:1510 days
30 Apr00:2516 days0 daysPartial Solar Eclipse
21 May04:30+5 days9 days
3 Jul03:3011 days26 days
31 Aug05:3010 days25 days
27 Nov05:4011 days26 days
12 Dec15:55-2 days11 days
20 Jan01:2016 days-1 days
28 Apr03:109 days22 days
04:302nd seizure
25 May05:4510 days24 days
9 Jun01:2524 days9 daysLevipill not given
8 Aug05:1023 days8 days
1 Sep04:400 days14 days
28 Sep16:25-1 days
31 Dec06:0025 days11 days
29 Feb17:00-4 days11 days
15 Apr21:458 days22 daysLasted long time – twitching
21 Jun~14:450 days13 days
24 Jun~20:00-4 days12 daysStarted Antibiotics – short but powerful, no twitching
25 Jun~06:00Same sort of attack as above