#100 day challenges

word project

So I was reading “Invest In Yourself” by Efrain Martinez (⁦@martefrain_) ⁩available at http://amzn.in/2VEIHz2, worth a read. It’s really short so you can finish it real quick. It’s not a life changing book but it could help you realise you need to get off your arse and start doing stuff.

I decided to start two things that will help me be more consistent.

  1. Start running for 100 days straight
  2. Do a drawing everyday for 100 days. (basing it on words from here)

It’s ambitious because I have never done something like this or been so consistent. It’ll help me get back to my running and hopefully and make me get into the habit of drawing everyday. I also plan to start writing more often — as I like writing and I should do it if I want to get better it.

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Wish me best of luck!

Update Nov 2019:

The running didn’t happen but my drawing went on for more than a year!

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